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Reasons to take a Private/Group Yoga or Pilates Lesson:

  • Heal your mind, body, and soul

  • Prevent Injury

  • Deepen your practice

  • Learn breathing and meditation techniques

  • Learn yogic philosophy

  • Increase core strength

  • Increase flexibility

  • Find balance

  • Diet recommendations based on your constitution, lifestyle, and cultural beliefs

  • Prepare for public classes

  • Develop a home practice


Jaclyn's specialties:

  • Neck/Shoulder/Back tension relief

  • Auto-immunity regulation

  • Thyroid/Hormone balancing

  • Depression

  • Stress/Trauma release

  • Injury prevention

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Cancer recovery

Jolie's specialites:

  • Mobility and Range of Motion in Joints

  • Self Myofascial Release using RAD Tools

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Power

  • Balance

Angela' specialities:

  • Pilates Mat 

  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga