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Jolie recommended the book “The Diabetes Code” at a health fair at La Plata Electric. I am prediabetic and in great shape. Since then I have tried intermittent fasting and started keto. I was going to do the 21 day sugar detox but I have never eaten much sugar so I was able to do that on my own.

I wanted to say thank you so very much for steering me in the right direction. I listen to my body and I decided to try the keto and intermittent  fasting and have not been taking the Metformin, my doctor and I decided to try modifying my diet more. I will go in to check my A1 C in early September. I have been checking my blood sugar every morning and for the last five days it has been below 100. I am so excited so I wanted to share the story with you. I had been on Metformin for two years and I really don’t like the side effects even though they’re minimal. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping me attain my goal.


Yvonne C.


You are an amazing, calm, peaceful, beautiful person! Thanks for showing me Yoga. Now I'm hooked! Namaste.

Melanie E.


Kudos for Amy Schweim, Radical Life Coach:


"I’m so thankful the Universe brought Amy to my life!  I started working with Amy when I was feeling somewhat lost, and the work I did with her ended up being the light I needed to navigate the dark.


Amy helped me see my circumstances as an opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward with grace and compassion for myself.  She helped me discover my gifts, own my values, and dive into creating the life I want to live.  After each coaching session with Amy, I walk away feeling aligned with my true priorities and confident in what I am able to accomplish now in order to get where I want to be in the future.  


Amy’s coaching style is empowering, accessible and supportive. She leads by example and has an incredibly ability to make people feel seen and loved through every step of their journey. 


To know Amy is to love her, but to work with her is truly a magic-making experience."

Amanda Marie, Durango, CO

"Jaclyn is an astonishing and inspiring yogi. I found her through her thyroid wellness videos, then joined her group class in the hopes to get into private sessions. She supports me through the healing of my Hashimotos, which is an autoimmune disease that affect the thyroid gland, it reduces your metabolism and weakens your muscles, thus a typical gym workout is painful and can be damaging. Yoga though is a wonderful healing tool, it empowers the body and spirit, and strengthens your core. A yoga instructor who is knowledgeable of the health challenges of an autoimmune disease is extremely valuable. With Jaclyn’s experience and understanding of the disease she was able to use specific poses and methods that improved the condition, she was flexible with the schedule, and very knowledgeable. What I found to be very unique, is that she does prepare in advance, take notes and follow up. I highly recommend Jaclyn’s group classes and private sessions." ~Mia Parton

"I have taken both group and private classes from Jaclyn over the last few months. I can honestly say she’s one of my favorites! She’s knowledgeable, caring, and an amazing listener. She truly wants to help you be a better YOU! I had been having pretty serious back and hip issues for over a year. I had tried Orthopedic, PT, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatments. While each helped minimally and progressively, I believe Jaclyn and yoga has tremendously helped me. With Jaclyn’s help and encouragement I was able to make some great progress and learn some asanas that were specifically for me and my issues. During the private lessons we would build on each session to add more and more moves in until I was basically handling a full class without pain!!" -Susan

"Jaclyn is a wonderful instructor.  You can tell she loves yoga.  She's nonjudgmental and caters her practice to the students, which for me meant creating an alternative, modified prenatal yoga practice alongside a regular yoga class.  She's also the nicest, most approachable person ever.  Highly recommend!  :)" -Melissa O'Reilly

"Jaclyn graciously taught yoga during lunch and after work at our company. She made everyone feel comfortable attending and was able to provide modifications of poses depending on skill, injury, and even pregnancy. I greatly appreciate Jaclyn's preparation for teaching; she came with a welcomed mix of familiarity of poses and new challenges for her students. I found her classes to be a wonderful balance of exertion and relaxation. Especially in the later months of my pregnancy, I found Jaclyn's classes to be nurturing and centering practices."  -Maggie Blair

"Jaclyn is a natural as a yoga instructor; her nurturing, caring personality helped me feel immediately at ease with her both personally and as an instructor. She is highly attuned to the overall needs of all her class members. For me, her yoga instruction on Monday afternoons was the perfect way to ease back into the week; after yoga at lunch I always found myself relaxed and peaceful at my desk instead of stressed and tense (as I often am).. I can't wait to get back to class with Jaclyn!" -Robin Senor