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To "yoga" or not to "yoga"

Yes, I always say yes to yoga. When people ask me if they think yoga would be good for them, I simply tell them that yoga is good for everyone! I truly believe that, if everyone practiced yoga, our world problems would be solved. There are so many benefits to a regular yoga practice. You gain strength and flexibility through the physical postures "asana". You gain breath and body awareness. The mind becomes more steady and clear with sharp focus. You become a more mindful, self realized person. You learn to surrender to the spiritual in whatever form that looks like to you. There are so many different styles of yoga and different teachers, so try as many classes until you find the one that resonates with you. At Habit, we have both heated and non-heated classes with a wide range of styles and teachers; pilates, core, flow, hatha, restore, meditation, and energy medicine yoga.

Yoga Sutra 1.1: Patanjali’s first teaching, atha yoga anushasanam, which means “now, the practice of yoga begins,”

Check out our class schedule here: https://www.habitdurango.com/class-schedule

We plan to open the week of January 20 and couldn't be more excited!