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The Many Benefits of MCT Oil

There are many benefits of using MCT oil, so I'm a huge fan. MCT oil is a medium chain triglyceride derived from coconut. It is 8-10 chain carbons in length, and contains either capric, and/or caprylic acid. It bypasses the digestive track, and goes straight to the liver through the portal vein. For this reason, MCT oil helps you to burn fat rather than carbs.

MCT oil can help with:

Weight management support

Hormone Balance

Gut Health/Antimicrobial

Fat absorption


Energy production

If you are new to taking MCT oil start slow. I recommend starting with a teaspon and working your way up from there slowly otherwise it can cause something called disaster pants, and nobody wants to experience that! My favorite MCT oil is by Dr. Mercola (https://products.mercola.com/mct-oil/). I enjoy putting MCT oil in my coffee every morning. It can help with clarity, focus, and energy as well! You can place a MCT oil/fullscript order here: https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/habitdurango.