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How to boost your immunity to help prevent the spread of the corona virus

Updated: Mar 11

First and foremost, be careful getting too attached to the sensationalized media. I mean, it's good to stay informed, but don't get too attached. There is a multi billion dollar industry behind the sensationalized media called big pharma. The first step in increasing your immune system is moving from a space of fear to a space of abundance and love. Detox your mind of negative thoughts, anxieties, and negative thought patterns. Transform your worries into to trust and abundance and surrender. Worry and anxiety are like asking the universe to manifest that for you. The power of manifestation is real and powerful in 2020! You can think of the law of attraction, like attracts like. It's your choice to remain negative or transform that into the positive. It's not easy, but it is a choice.

Second, there are many ways to boost the immune system, but lets start with nutrition first. Our body is a temple, and what we put into it matters. Eat as many whole organic local foods as possible. Support your local farmers markets, CSA, and farmers. Eating locally has less of an impact on the environment, and studies show that it has a greater nutrient density. Buy organic local vegetables as much as possible for a higher nutrient density and less of an impact on the environment.

Eat high quality fats like coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, avocado oil, and fish oil. Fats help keep you satiated, helps to balance the blood sugar, and assists in transitioning to fat burn rather than the dirty burning of carbs for fuel.

Eat a moderate amount of high quality protein like local free range meat that isn't grain fed or finished. You have to be careful and look for 100% lifetime grazed, or the meat is likely grain finished. If the meat is grain finished or fed, the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is 26 to 2, which means it's highly inflammatory. You can think of omega 6 as the fire and omega 3 as the firefighter, so you want a healthy balance. Meat that is 100% lifetime grazed has an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 2 to 1!

Avoid sugar and sweeteners, it wreaks havoc on the immune system and is highly addictive. Limit carbohydrate intake to balance the blood sugar and allow the body to burn fat instead of carbs.

Third, avoid toxins and chemicals in your food and environmentally. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you can't pronounce the ingredient in the ingredient list, or you don't know what it is, you probably don't want to put that in or on your body. Use homemade cleaning products like vinegar and essential oils to avoid harsh chemicals. Open your windows daily to purify the air inside your house or get a high quality air purifier.

Fourth, support your bodies ability to detoxify and lower your toxic burden. This can be done by going to the bathroom regularly, so eat your vegetables and fiber. Drink plenty of filtered water preferably from a reverse osmosis system. There are supplements and herbs that can help support this process like; NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle, and cilantro to name a few. There are tons of options and we can help you find the best ones for your unique you and lifestyle. Sweat it out by working out or taking a sauna. Take hot showers, and end with cold showers. Keep your environment clean, but not over sterilized.

Fifth, take a high quality professional line of supplements for prevention and optimal immune function:


B12 and B Vitamins

Vitamin A, D, K

Fish oil

NAC/Alpha Lipoic Acid


Colloidal Silver or some anti-viral