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Free Strategy Call (30 min)

Discover whether our services are a good fit for you!

  • 30 minute consultation over the phone or in person

  • Discuss your concerns and current health status

  • Discuss your goals and readiness for change


Habit Forming Initial Customized Nutrition Plan $200

  • 60 min initial consult and one follow up to receive your customized nutrition plan with list of recommended supplements. Gain access to our online dispensary for 20% off supplements.  

  • Includes body composition analysis


​Follow-Up Session $75

  • Available only after purchasing an initial session.

  • 45-60 min visit includes body composition analysis

  • Includes 2 hours of unlimited email/messaging, food log analysis, and habit creation


​Sugar & Carb Detox 1:1 Coaching (5 weeks) $350

  • Initial consult (60 min)

  • Weekly food log analysis and meal planning

  • Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis (in person)

  • Unlimited coach email/messaging


​Sugar & Carb Detox Group Program (5 weeks) $250

Coming Soon! Each group begins with a 30 minute yoga practice and leads into a 60 minute group coaching session. In addition to these weekly sessions, the program includes:

  •  (1) 1:1 private coaching session

  • 5 group sessions

  • Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis


Thyroid Reset 1:1 Coaching (5 weeks) $350

  • Initial consult (60 min)

  • Weekly food log analysis and meal planning

  • Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis (in person)

  • Unlimited coach email/messaging


Thyroid Reset Group Program (5 weeks) $200

Coming Soon! Online, 60 minute group coaching session. In addition to these weekly sessions, the program includes:

  • 1:1 private coaching session

  • daily emails

Supplement Review $60

  • Guidance on how to make the most of your current supplements

  • Identifying quality supplements

  • How to combine supplements to enhance absorption

  • Learn which forms of supplements are better utilized by your body


Grocery Store Tour $60

·Learn which foods to focus on and which foods to avoid!

  • Individual 60 minute tour of local grocery store

  • Learn to distinguish a health food from a health claim


Home Kitchen Review $90

·We show you how to overhaul your home pantry!

  • 60-90 minute review of your home kitchen and pantry

  • Guidance in recognizing hidden food ingredients

  • Assessment of which foods to keep and which to throw away


Meal Planning $125

·Extra support in knowing what to cook!

  • 60 min pre-session: taste preferences and time constraints

  • One weeks’ worth of meals based on specific dietary needs

  • May be purchased separately from an Initial session


 Body Composition Analysis  $25

  • InBody 570 bio impedance

  • Learn your percentages of body fat, muscle and water.


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Ultrasound and Consult $200​​

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is excessive fat build-up in the liver with insulin resistance due to causes other than alcohol use. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease tends to develop in people who are overweight or obese or have diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Rapid weight loss and poor eating habits also may lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


The liver is the unsung hero of the human body — it's the largest internal organ and it plays a vital role in over 500 biological processes! Fights infection, neutralizes toxins, breaks down nutrients, stores nutrients, ​produces amino acids, helps produce hormones, balances blood sugar, helps make new blood, regulates blood pressure, and supports thyroid health. When the liver is damaged it can show up in countless (seemingly unrelated) conditions.


Consultation with Nutrition Expert & Life Coach Christine Smith, PhD, CHPC

Christine has an in-depth molecular & cellular understanding of the root causes of many of the
food-related chronic diseases we face today, and she is passionate about educating people on
how their food choices impact their health. She stays current with the latest discoveries in
nutritional science, particularly as they relate to sugar/carbohydrate & fat metabolism. By
consulting with Christine, you will learn new ways of eating that are nutritious & satisfying, and
most importantly get your health back on track. Christine is someone you can trust in the often-
confusing world of dietary advice.

  • Cost: 1 hour for $95

Life Coaching w/ Christine Smith, PhD, CHPC

Christine is a certified life coach with training through the ICF-accredited Human Potential
Institute. Coaching with Christine is intimate & personal, and it is based the science of
embodied cognition, which involves techniques that help you use your body to build awareness
around what is really going on and design creative solutions to problems you are facing. While
food-related health issues are often the starting place, Christine guides & supports you as you
go deep and think big about important changes you want to make in your life. By coaching with
Christine, you will move beyond perceived limitations and discover sources of reliable inner
strength that will pave a path for you to live life at your highest potential.

  • Cost: 3-6 months at $387 per month (autopay)

Radical Life Coaching w/ Amy Schweim


Through years of running Transformational Adventure Trips for women, teaching Yoga, hosting workshops, going through the ICF-accredited Coach Training Alliance and her own personal journey of emerging from hardship and challenges to thriving; Amy uses the depth of her experience and training to form personalized connections and help others create a purposeful, fulfilled and joyful life.


Amy offers a unique style and authentic approach to her clients by helping to foster a deep connection to mind, body and spirit. Using a holistic approach and emphasis on ‘life balance,’ clients are able to work towards life goals with a “Yin & Yang” approach; accepting where one is and living in the moment to discover gratitude, appreciation and joy for life, while at the same time intentionally crafting what is desired in the future. 


Amy uses a variety of techniques through the art of her coaching with the main focus being centered on YOUR individual needs and desires. Amy will guide and support you by helping to draw out the wisdom and answers that are already inside of YOU through powerful questions and diving deep into the desires and changes you are wanting to embark on. 


By coaching with Amy, you will deeply connect to yourself, your truth, your desires, and ultimately, a life of deeper joy and fulfillment. 


Unlimited Monthly Radical Life Coaching - This option is designed to help you get clear on your life’s direction and purpose while developing healthy ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ Habits along with learning to foster a deep connection to yourself, your truth, and your dreams so you can discover deep happiness and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Includes:


  • 1:1 Life Coaching - includes initial consultation & bi-weekly follow ups, unlimited coach messaging, pre-session private Yoga/Mindfulness guidance, and positive habit creation!

  • 10% off retail

  • 2 Buddy/Spouse/Family Sessions

  • Cost: AutoPay - (3 months required) $389/mo or $300/mo w/o Yoga Classes


6-Radical Life Coach Pack 1:1 Sessions w/ Amy Schweim


6 Individualized Sessions, bi-weekly. These sessions are designed to help you explore and identify your life path, purpose, and direction in order to embark on a life that is in alignment with your values and dreams so you can discover deep happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.


  • 6 - 60 minute private Life Coaching Sessions

  • Yoga/Mindfulness Guidance and Instruction

  • 12 Habit Yoga Classes

  • $695 or $550 w/o Yoga (3 mos expire)


A La Carte Services w/ Amy Schweim


  • Initial Consult (60 min) - $95

*As a policy we DO NOT give CREDIT CARD refunds for any reason.

Cancellation on auto-debit monthly memberships must be done in writing and occur 15 days before billing cycle to avoid the next month’s charge.

All Auto-Debit Monthly Memberships may be frozen for a 6 week period once a year.  This cannot be done retroactively. Please email us or see the front desk for details.