Cusa Tea & Nuun Tabs

Folks with unlimited memberships receive a complimentary Cusa Tea packet or Nuun Tab pre or post class.

No Heavy Metals, N
o Pesticides. Heavy metals and pesticides can leach into your tea, which is why they source their tea from the most remote parts of the world and it’s always Certified USDA organic. 

​Less Waste. All of Cusa tea leaves and solid leftovers are composted and put back into organic farm soil. Every cup of Cusa Tea you consume is one less tea bag or portion of used tea leaves that ends up in a landfill. 

​Did You Know?

Your favorite organic teas can contain high levels of lead that can be unsafe? Or that those little tea bags can contain a harmful chemical? 

Habit's favorite tea! Tear. Pour. Sip. Relax. 

Order some today! Use the promo code: HABITCUSA30 to receive 30% off all items (EXCLUDING the herbal teas and bulk).

​Just Add Water, Dissolve and Enjoy.

Nuun Tabs are perfect hydration for Hot and Sweaty Classes! Folks with unlimited memberships receive a complimentary tab pre or post class. ​

Habit Apparel

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Unlimited Monthly Member Benefits

  • Unlimited yoga/pilates classes (29+ yoga classes a week to choose from!)​​
  • Complimentary tea or hydration tabs
  • 3 Free Week Buddy Passes (yoga) 
  • Workshop Discount: Members receive a 50% discount on workshops led by Habit staff
  • Retail Discount: Members receive a 10% discount on Habit retail items
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