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When creating Habit, we were choosy about our flooring, heating, lighting and art choices.


Proper hot yoga flooring is an essential component of a positive hot yoga experience. More often than not, hot yoga studios install flooring that has not been designed for frequent hot yoga temperatures. This leads to a variety of sanitary and safety problems to include microbial growth, stench, unstable & slippery footing, insect attractant, abrasiveness and too little cushion.

The Zebra Hot Yoga Flooring installed in our studio was designed specifically for use in hot yoga studios as it is antimicrobial, water proof, slip resistant, gentle on feet and joints, and has minimal seams. This flooring has a dense re-bond polyurethane, open cell foam bonded to an 18 ounce traditional tatami textured vinyl surface providing for sure footing and shock absorbing cushion to reduce the risk of injury. Unlike carpet, the tatami textured vinyl surface does not absorb water nor stay wet and is specially designed to allow for moisture evaporation, preventing fungi, mildew and bacterial growth. Zebra Hot Yoga Flooring also does not release particles, filaments or harmful outgases like carpet, providing a dust-free, less toxic and hypoallergenic environment.

Infrared hot yoga is simply a yoga session heated with an infrared radiant heating system. Anyone who has been outside on a sunny day has experienced the warmth of the sun directly on their skin because it is infrared radiant heat. While indoor infrared heaters do not emit UV rays like the sun, they do provide the same comfortable, sun-like warmth.

What makes infrared radiant heating feel so different than traditional forced air systems is the way the heat is distributed. Forced air can make your yoga sesh stuffy and leave you feeling dried out, a session with infrared heat feels clean and invigorating. 


The advantage of infrared radiant heat is that surface temperatures such as a floor temperature can feel 3-8 degrees warmer than the air temperature. This includes people; the direct warmth on people’s bodies can feel soothing and can help boost flexibility. Because heat is distributed directly, infrared radiant heating panels do not blow air and heat silently, creating a superior hot yoga experience.

Humidity is a very important part of Habit Yoga Studio's hot yoga experience. Using humidifiers allows us to decrease the temperature in our hot yoga studio, but achieve similar results to a higher temperature environment.  Students receive the benefits of sweating while not overheating or otherwise feeling "cooked." 


You are sure to notice the artwork ordaining our walls by Deb Sussex. This artwork was specifically chosen with mindful intention with a specific energy and vibration you are sure to feel. This artwork is for sale.