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Strategic planning for your whole living in all dimensions of wellness. Be your best health.

Jolie Ensign is Co-Owner, Nutrition Coach, Wellness Strategist and Detox Expert at Habit with over 20 years in the Wellness industry. She is also the Wellness Coordinator at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO. She is determined and driven to help folks create sustainable life habits that differentiate and strategically position them for a happy, valuable life. Jolie graduated from the University of WI - Stevens Point with a degree in Health Promotion/Wellness and a Masters degree in Natural Resources/Communications.


From being a wilderness guide in some of the United State’s most remote wilderness areas to owning a coffeehouse to founding a women’s hockey team, Jolie brings unique adventures and experiences to the realm of Wellness. Jolie creates enjoyable life moments by watching her two boys play hockey, mountain biking for the fun of getting dirty, and relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine with her husband.


Full Disclosure: She is a Packers Fan - born and raised in the great state of brats and cheese curds. She still eats brats and legit cheese curds when found, but is fully recovered from being a sugar addict.


Food freedom, clarity and confidence can be yours too! I look forward to working with you to create sustainable healthy habits.