Jolie Ensign, Owner 
MS, RYT-200, CPT, CES, Certified Wellcoach
Wellness Strategist and Sugar/Carb Detox Expert

Strategic planning for your whole living in all dimensions of wellness. Be your best health.​Jolie Ensign is Co-Owner, Nutrition Coach, Wellness Strategist and Detox Expert at Habit with over 20 years in the Wellness industry including being the Wellness Coordinator at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO for close to 10 years. She is determined and driven to help folks create sustainable life habits that differentiate and strategically position them for a happy, valuable life. Jolie graduated from the University of WI - Stevens Point with a degree in Health Promotion/Wellness and a Masters degree in Natural Resources/Communications.

From being a wilderness guide in some of the United State’s most remote wilderness areas to owning a coffeehouse to founding a women’s hockey team, Jolie brings unique adventures and experiences to the realm of Wellness. Jolie creates enjoyable life moments by watching her two boys play hockey, mountain biking for the fun of getting dirty, and relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine with her husband.

Full Disclosure: She is a Packers Fan - born and raised in the great state of brats and cheese curds. She still eats brats and legit cheese curds when found, but is fully recovered from being a sugar addict.

Food freedom, clarity and confidence can be yours too! I look forward to working with you to create sustainable healthy habits.

Jaclyn Howell, Owner

Wellness Strategist/Thyroid Expert & Yoga Instructor

Jaclyn Howell offers an integrative yoga practice that focuses on moving to your breath and body in a dynamic, creative flow.   Her classes offer a perfect balance between effort and ease, with a focus on mindfulness, injury prevention, nervous system regulation, and alignment.  She custom tailors the classes to meet the needs of the students, while holding a safe, non-judgmental, loving space.

She received her 200 HR RYT training from Gioconda Yoga in the Iyengar lineage/Vinyasa style and has completed her 500 HR E-RYT training at YogaYoga with various National Teachers; Leslie Kaminoff, Felicia Tamasko, and Chase Bossart.  She teaches both group classes and private lessons.  She is also a medical reiki master and integrative health coach.

Jaclyn is Co-Owner of Habit and has over 13 years in the Wellness industry and specializes in working with auto-immune & thyroid symptoms, trauma, depression & anxiety with an emphasis on helping people find optimal health and restore their vitality.

Ally Shea 

Yoga Teacher

Ally began practicing yoga in 2011 and became a yoga teacher in 2013. She brings passion to her mat consistently and with devotion. She is a nurturing spirit at heart with a deep love for Vinyasa and meditation. Through intention, pranayama and asana, her goal is for each of her student’s to leave class feeling grounded, energized, challenged and to have yogic tools to integrate into daily life. She aims to guide people home to their bodies… To use postures and breath to overcome the mind and be present so they can connect with their hearts.

Ally is also an educator with her masters degree in Environmental Education from the UW and is a mama to beautiful 4 year old twin boys named Bodhi and River.  When she isn’t on her mat, you’ll find her splashing in the river, riding bikes or skateboarding on the river trail and snowboarding with her adventurous boys. 

Amy Pritchett

Yoga Teacher

Amy began practicing yoga on and off in 2015 as part of her fitness routine. After an extended period of time struggling with panic and anxiety, she committed to a 108 day yoga challenge and discovered she not only loved the physical aspects of yoga but the calming mental benefits as well.

Amy believes that asana, breath work and meditation free the mind and body to listen and heal. She loves to encourage her students to find freedom and expression out of their innate desire for connection and healing.Amy received her 225-hr certification through Holy Yoga in 2018. She lives in Durango with her husband and 2 kids. When not practicing yoga, Amy enjoys being outdoors biking, skiing, hiking and camping with friends.

Susie Higgins

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Susie is Polestar-certified Pilates instructor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Her  focus is on mindfulness, connection and creating movement through breath to enhance natural energy flow.

Nichole Fox

Kundalini Teacher

Avtar Devpreet, LMT delivers a powerful transformative Kundalini yoga class. Bringing 18 plus years of experience as a bodyworker, with extensive training in Western Anatomy and eastern studies in energy healing, psychology, and as a spiritual healer. Bridging the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional to create an experience that empowers the student to fully experience their own life force and highest human potential. Her class will uplift and transform!

Nikolle Embree

Yoga Teacher & Dance Instructor

Nikolle started her journey in Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Jazz at the age of 4 in Durango, Colorado. She continued practicing this art until the age of 18, when she became a Certified Professional Ballroom Instructor specializing in American Smooth, Latin (Rhythm), Swing, and Country. She eventually competed professionally in various national dance competitions.

As her love for teaching grew she found that many students turn to dance as a method of healing, a form of movement meditation, or an escape from stressful situations. She decided to learn the healing technique of Reiki and incorporate this into what she would like to offer her students should they desire an additional form of relaxation or healing method.

Her newest found love has been for yoga, and all of its many benefits. This has been a great path to incorporate her passion for dance and her desire for helping people, to all come together in one practice.

Angela Carder

Pilates & Yoga Teacher

Angela became a Yoga teacher in 2004 and a few years later she took her first
Mat Pilates class and loved how it compliments her yoga practice.
In 2008 she completed her Mat Pilates training and in 2010 certified as a Pilates Reformer
instructor. For the past 15 years she taught, led retreats and organized
corporate events in Asia and moved to Durango in December 2018.

Angela’s teaching strength lies in attention to detail, with a focus on how to
make the exercises effective for students through precise instructions and
adjustments. Vibrant and cheerful, she conducts her classes with love and
enthusiasm, engaging and motivating her students.
She is looking forward to meeting you to join her on the mat and enjoy the


Jolie recommended the book “The Diabetes Code” at a health fair at La Plata Electric. I am prediabetic and in great shape. Since then I have tried intermittent fasting and started keto. I was going to do the 21 day sugar detox but I have never eaten much sugar so I was able to do that on my own.

​I wanted to say thank you so very much for steering me in the right direction. I listen to my body and I decided to try the keto and intermittent  fasting and have not been taking the Metformin, my doctor and I decided to try modifying my diet more. I will go in to check my A1 C in early September. I have been checking my blood sugar every morning and for the last five days it has been below 100. I am so excited so I wanted to share the story with you. I had been on Metformin for two years and I really don’t like the side effects even though they’re minimal. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping me attain my goal.
- Yvonne C.


You are an amazing, calm, peaceful, beautiful person! Thanks for showing me Yoga. Now I'm hooked! Namaste.
- Melanie E.

"Jaclyn is an astonishing and inspiring yogi. I found her through her thyroid wellness videos, then joined her group class in the hopes to get into private sessions. She supports me through the healing of my Hashimotos, which is an autoimmune disease that affect the thyroid gland, it reduces your metabolism and weakens your muscles, thus a typical gym workout is painful and can be damaging. Yoga though is a wonderful healing tool, it empowers the body and spirit, and strengthens your core. A yoga instructor who is knowledgeable of the health challenges of an autoimmune disease is extremely valuable. With Jaclyn’s experience and understanding of the disease she was able to use specific poses and methods that improved the condition, she was flexible with the schedule, and very knowledgeable. What I found to be very unique, is that she does prepare in advance, take notes and follow up. I highly recommend Jaclyn’s group classes and private sessions."
- Mia Parton