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Are You...

Confused about what to eat? Fed up with nagging pain and inflammation? Looking to naturally regulate your hormones? Tired of feeling bloated, emotional, and/or fatigued? In need of guidance on your nutrition & wellness journey?


You have come to the right place. At Habit, we know exactly what you are going through and how it is impacting your life. Let us help you naturally restore vitality in your life through real food nutrition. You won't find calorie counting, quick fixes, packaged diet food or dubious claims here. You'll simply get healthy the right way through whole foods that naturally nourish your body in a sustainable fashion without deprivation.


Take charge of your life and the foods you eat, shift your metabolism to burn body fat for fuel, break free from sugar addiction and achieve your ideal body weight…without medications.


Imagine if...

You were able to feel amazing in your body, have abundant energy, feel happier, reduce inflammation, regulate your weight, and heal…by simply shifting your metabolism and rewiring your brain.


Start a Practice.

Create a Habit.

Habit is for you if...

whichever Habit program you choose, you will:

  • Understand how to heal yourself and create a maintainable, sustainable healthy lifestyle

  • Be a fat burner and maintain your ideal bodyweight

  • Have food freedom, clarity and confidence

  • Have more energy, mental clarity and balance of moods and emotions

  • Be confident and proud about your body and health


If you are ready to heal your body and take charge of your life, contact Habit now.

Through an in-depth consultation reviewing your health and wellness, we are able to put together a customized health care plan for you based on your unique case complete with body composition analysis, fatty liver ultrasound, optional lab testing and tailored real, whole food plans, and advanced protocols. You receive a complete care plan, visits with your wellness coach, yoga/pilates classes and on-going case monitoring and support.

  • You are sick of being sick and you're ready to take back your life

  • You've been trying to heal and you don't know what you're doing wrong

  • You've tried everything and nothing is working

  • You want to overcome negative thoughts and love how your body looks and feels

  • You want to have abundant energy and feel on top of the world

  • You are ready to invest in yourself in order to FINALLY reach your health and wellness goals

Habit provides nutrition coaching, wellness strategies and yoga classes that are pivotal in creating healthier habits of mind, body and spirit.

On the Scales


Long Term Results using Real Whole Foods



Maintainable, Sustainable Habits

Mudra Meditation


Hot and Not Hot

Breathe, Mobility, Body Awareness

Meet Your Creative Wellness Gurus


Yoga Enthusiast & Wellness Strategist